Our District 32 Agenda: 

The People's Agenda


We The People


For too long, people in our district have been left out of the decision-making process. For too long, our voices have gone unheard. Now is the time for civic action and engagement for the people who work hard each day to make this city great. Whether it be the frontline essential workers or the people getting up before dawn to make your coffee, these are the people who fuel our communities. As City Councilwoman, I will listen to your concerns and fight to ensure your voice is heard by decision-makers. Join me to have your seat at the table. Join me, and together, we will build a better District 32. 


  • Severino for the City Council will create a task force made up of people from the community, both from the community board and community members to address issues facing veterans, small businesses, the environment, women, children, and health. 

  • Severino for City Council will call on the State Legislature to address the racial inequality in our school curriculum. We will work with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Community Boards, and community leaders to assure the development of a Department of Education (DOE) ready to be comprehensive, equitable, and culturally conscious in its curriculum. 

  • Severino for City Council will fight for enhanced language accessibility to any language, including American Sign Language (ASL), in the Board Of Elections and other city agencies. We will support introducing legislation mandating greater emphasis on voter education in DOE schools as a civic right of all people in this city.