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Community Public Safety

Our district hosts the most significant percentage of military veterans, active duty New York Police Department (NYPD) officers, and retired law enforcement officers. With such great responsibility comes accountability in which we have the opportunity to stand on the right side of justice. To “Support ‘Good Cops’ and Work Towards Dismantling Bad Practices,” initiatives are focused on the removal of existing systematic oppressive practices within law enforcement. This is for the people who are faced with frequent discrimination, racism, marginalization, and higher death rates caused by the police force. Let us stop trying to solve crime prevention as a reactionary measure instead of the many ways we can prevent it. 


Following the words of Baltimore Police Lutinetenant. Colonel Melvin Russell, “We have put too much responsibility on law enforcement. Too much” We MUST divest funds and additional responsibilities to other organizations to allow the NYPD to focus on crime only. Let us stop crime before it happens, not after. Let’s rebuild community ties.

Shaeleigh's Plan


  • Advocate for Transparency: the public’s ease of access concerning officer records creates trust and security with the community 

  • Support the removal of automatic immunity: To have proper justice, we must have accountability from our police. Qualified Immunity protects those who do not uphold justice and public safety. They can no longer hide and bring the rest of the force down with them. If we support good cops, we must stop corrupt cops from mishandling justice.

  • Commitment for Crisis Management: Committed to commit to funding and expanding the Crisis Management System (CMS) further to help provide community solutions for community problems. CMS has been responsible for an average reduction of 40% to gun violence in areas where programs exist versus a 31% reduction in the most violent police precincts. CMS has historically increased trust in police and decreased residents' reliance on violence to settle disputes.

  • Support the implementation of improved educational training such as de-escalation, bias training, behavioral crises classes, and mental disorder training for NYPD officers​. Repurpose existing real-world scenario training in the Police Academy for de-escalation and bias training. Implement re-certification in such bias training and de-escalation every 1.5-2 years. 

  • Advocate for the enforcement of body-cameras, which, if turned off, (for any reason) allots the Civilian Complaint Review Board to begin removal proceedings. Strict body camera legislation will permit protection from members of the community as well as serve as a defense for officers who have not partaken in any hostile behaviors and builds trust with the community. 

Shaeleigh's Vision

Penal Reform

  • Severino for City Council commits to voting no on any measure that would bring a borough jail system. We need to address the current penal codes and examine the endemic number of people returning to prison, which exasperate the current prison population numbers. 

  • Severino for City Council supports a measure that would create a limit on how far an appeal or trial can take place, we must uphold the 4th amendment right to a speed and fair trial and not punish for not being able to make bail for petty crimes. 

  • Support for the commuting of sentences from drug-related crimes that are no longer enforced due to decriminalization changes. 

  • Severino for City Council supports expunging records of marijuana charges for low-level crimes.

  • Severino for City Council supports ending solitary confinement in prisons as a practice for punishing inmates. These practices do not reform but rather cause 

  • Severino for City Council supports The Fair Chance Act which will make it illegal for employers to inquire about a person’s criminal history or conviction. 

  • Severino for City Council will push the governor to grant clemency to more convicted people of non-violent crimes during the duration of this pandemic among the people within the age range which is most at risk. 


  • Severino for City Council supports banning the usage of symbols like the punisher logo on police uniforms. Police must be an example for the community not serve as a source of intimidation or threat to the lives of our community members. 

  • Severino for City Council supports mandatory yearly mental health evaluations that include racial and gender bias 

  • Severino for City Council supports for no new precincts to be established until after all means such as cooperation with CMS groups has been exhausted.

  • Severino for City Council supports for more non-lethal tactics and limiting the number of firearms within the NYPD, starting with communities where police were responsible for shootings or fatalities that have taken place previously.

  • Severino for City Council supports for the immediate probation and review for any officer caught brandishing their firearm when there is no clear and present danger or evidence that an officer’s life is endangered. The purpose of this is to lean towards a full demilitarization of the NYPD with a special exception to SWAT and ESU (Emergency Service Unit) 

  • Severino for City Council supports refocusing on policing protocol that emphasizes de-escalation measures overuse of force, this would include how responding to civilian protest.

  • Severino for City Council supports the disbandment of the current Civilian Complaint board in favor of an Elected Civilian Review Board with established term limits.

  • Severino for City Council supports taking a part of a police officer’s pension to pay for the civil lawsuits relating to wrongdoing. This is to allow other officers who have done nothing nor the community bare the consequences

  • Severino for City Council supports for a proposal that while having the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene crisis group to be created and responding to a call involving people experiencing mental health trauma or any other issue that police will on add more likelihood of escalation. 

  • Severino for City Council supports removing police from calls like animals on the loose in favor of other means that do make use of appropriate handlers that understand how to not risk the animal or anyone else. 

  • Severino for City Council supports shifting of funds from the NYPD homelessness unit and diverting it to the Department for Homelessness Services. 

  • Severino for City Council supports the end of using DNA without knowing consent in police precincts and holding of underage people without informing parents or guardians.

  • Severino for City Council supports ending the Compstat immediately and it has been proven to completely undermine officers and create more divisions within the community. Like broken windows, this form of policing disproportionately targets BIPOC and youth with unfounded means. Further punishment of Captain Endowment Association (CEA) members for not meeting said activity requirement is unjust and limits any real reform that can take place. 

  • Severino for City Council supports formalizing all revisions through a combination of training programs and into writing in the patrol guide to ensure all changes are known to all members of the NYPD.

Community Policing & Hate Crimes

  • Severino for City Council supports the expansion of community policing initiatives while developing a system that calls for mandatory monthly reporting to both the NYPD and the City Council committee on criminal justice and public safety to ensure there is no abuse or mismanagement of city-sponsored funds.  

  • Severino for City Council supports city-sponsored training for community policing that will cover the basics of de-escalating tactics only.  

  • Severino for City Council supports posting of resources for the Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes to be posted in multiple languages and visible in schools as well as other city agency offices. 

  • Severino for City Council supports incorporating community leaders of different backgrounds to organizations to take part of an advisory board with the city council member and community boards to ensure that within the community all are included and welcomed.