Environment Pollution

Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Shaeleigh's Plan

Our district is no stranger to the threat of climate change. Superstorm Sandy still shows its mark all these years after. As City Councilwoman, I will fight to protect our beaches and homes from coastal floodings and reasonably and safely expand more green modes of transportation towards vital employment opportunities and support preventative measures to combat climate change.

  • Create a collaborative effort between District 32 and District 31 to help tackle the challenges of climate change and food insecurity on the Rockaway Peninsula 

  • Work with environmental organizations, nonprofits and community organizers to build a community resiliency plan, where we can tackle the issues of food insecurity throughout the district.  

  • Amend NYC Green New Deal- we must tackle many additional issues to help combat our enviromental crisis. 

  • Assist small businesses with the complete removal of single-use plastic 

  • Support the implementation of the five- borough ferry system to help make transporation easier for our neighbors

  • Implement and begin the creation of the 1.85 Queens Greenway.

Shaeleigh's Vision 

Green Transportation

New York City is a city of 8 million people and growing. As the city that never sleeps, we must think of new and innovative ways to expand our transportation methods and develop new ways to get around. Infrastructure such as city-sponsored transportation should be the principal target for a greener city.  


  • Support the creation of a five-borough ferry system built of the current city-owned iteration and remain city-owned. Starting with the expansion from Rockaway Beach 105 point to a Canarsie Pier to Brooklyn Army Terminal/Pier 11

  • Severino for City Council will support efforts for clean school buses. Children are our future and deserve the dignity that comes with a clean school bus. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the implementation of new electric MTA buses and retire old buses that do not meet state emissions standards.

Green Buildings

In 2018, the Madison Place Luxury Condominiums earned a LEEDS Silver certification for energy efficiency. This should not be only a standard expected of the affluent zip codes but rather an initiative the city should undertake for the construction of all buildings that include affordable housing to be built to this standard. 


  • Severino for City Council will support the call for amending the city building codes to include higher energy efficiency standards based on the recent energy efficiency grading to address needed changes for new constructions, renovations of office spaces, and housing. 

  • Severino for the City Council will support city tax incentives for homeowners and small businesses that install solar panels and other energy-efficient appliances to become more energy efficient to allow for great economic prosperity. These buildings can take part in Netbilling, which means selling of electricity back to the city.

  • Severino for City Council will support NYCHA tenants in implementing greener and energy-efficient measures for renovations and will call on building owners to provide tenants with proper and accessible recycling spaces. The call on improvements to NYCHA to include in their buildings solar panels to aid with energy usage, improvements to the electrical system to be more efficient, and the option of having a gas stove or an electric stove to all tenants.

  • Severino for City Council will support the building of protective flood barriers and raised city streets to aid in flood preventive measures or evacuation routes and will support the raising of minimum code in regards to the flood

Green Small and Large

In March 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the city made an initiative to end plastic bag usage. However, without proper resources, small businesses were unable to keep up with the switch. We must not make a policy change without considering the needs of the small business and rather target the larger business that can withstand such changes. These policies are in line with the ideas and actualization of the city’s Climate Mobilization and the goals set out by the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.   


  • Severino for City Council will support the ban of PFAS (Polyfluoroalkyl) in all food wrappings and packaging as is currently awaiting final signature by Gov. Cuomo. More importantly, our district has the largest body of water and home to many native and migratory species. PFAS has been proven to be toxic and unable to break down in the water which creates a host of issues for the environment in our very district. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the complete ban of single-use plastic after a committee has found a sufficient replacement option that can be presented to small businesses to purchase without an extreme price jump. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the addition of recycling and increased trashcan coverage and pickup. This measure will include an increase during the summer seasonal business areas along the Jamaica Bay and beach areas.  

  • Severino for City Council will support local business initiatives to become a certified e-waste recycling center (E-Stewards or R2) to prevent harmful chemicals and materials from smartphones, TVs, and circuit boards from ending up in our waterways. Secondly, Severino for the City Council will support the creation of fines for large businesses that do not properly dispose of E-waste in the City of New York. Improver disposal threatening our drinking water as well as communities in our district that have businesses and life along the waterways. 

  • Severino for City Council will support measures, like the Queens Greenway Initiative, to partner with the DOE and Parks Department, to create more environmental learning opportunities as a basis of after-school learning programs within the community. 

  • Severino for City Council is demanding the call for State Senate Bill 7295 and State Assembly Bill 9595 to be passed by the new supermajority in the State Legislature.


  • Severino for City Council will fight to ban the building of fossil fuel power plants in the city. We need to support green energy initiatives not further pollute and endanger our population which has high rates of asthma in lower-income zip codes. 

  • Severino for City Council will support efforts to stop the building of the North Brooklyn Pipeline. The construction of a pipeline that would make all climate goals impossible to be met is absurd and backward. Worse, New Yorkers should not pay for the bad business models of National Grid as we move away from gas for heating. 

  • Severino for City Council supports the current initiatives to call for energy democracy, we need to have a say in the energy companies that we are forced to use as part of a regulated monopoly.