District 32 Agenda: 

The People's Agenda


Police Reform

Police Patch

The saying ‘more police prevents crime’ has become a tradition passed down from Ed Koch to now Bill De Blasio. While it seems that there is an immediate change, the reality is there is only anesthesia to an open festering wound. To stop crime we must stop it at the source, not the symptom. Children do not wake up one day wanting to sell drugs or participate in gang activities. They seek to support and encourage those we have neglected by criminalizing poverty. This will end now. We will move away from this old tradition of policing and into a new model that brings in the community as well as ensures accountability within our city. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the renewable Rikers program, however, will stand against the creation of new jails. There needs to be a proper assessment of the crimes of a convicted personal charged with petty crimes that may be eligible for clemency based on recent reforms to Marijuana decriminalization or poverty. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the creation of more CMS (Crisis Management system) and increase funding of the existing program. Community first initiatives like these are vital to curbing the increased likelihood of youth engaging in a gang or criminal activity. Let us not give up on our children but allow reform and mentorship. 

  • Severino for City Council will sponsor measures to increase the mental health needs of frontline and civil servants to ensure they too are taken care of. 

  • Severino for City Council will call on Gov. Cuomo and the State legislature to reform the Bail reform bill to state clearly that those charged with violent crimes are not eligible for release. 

  • Severino for City Council will call on great accountability and thus the removal of qualified Immunity, Good cops have nothing to fear if they are serving the people. However, those that break the law and use the badge to hide behind do not deserve the privilege allotted to them but rather be removed.  

  • Severino for City Council will put support legislation to remove NYPD response to calls regarding  personal experiencing mental health crises (considered EDP [emotionally disturbed people] by emergency services) or toxic chemical removal. 

  • Severino for City Council will fight any creation of a new police precinct, now is not the time to create more police precincts in the mists of a pandemic, we need to ensure we can prevent crime before it happens, this money can be better placed for more libraries and funding of schools or CMS.