Internships Available


Are you passionate about local politics? Do you want to work for an incredibly qualified and exciting representative or candidate? If yes then this campaign might be the one for you! Severino is a Democrat running for New York City Council in District 32. Her grassroots campaign is currently looking for committed volunteers, interns, and staff to help meet a variety of electoral goals. If elected, she will make history as the first woman and LGBTQIA+ individual to represent District 32, the first Afro-Latinx woman with a disability in the New York City Council, and the youngest elected official in the New York City Council. Interns will be responsible for executing tasks that align with their skills and interests that are in union with efforts that mobilize and expand voter and political engagement. 

Despite our strong belief in paying interns, due to the spending limit of municipal elections, all internship positions are unpaid. The Severino for City Council campaign will work with students seeking to obtain credit for their internship through their school or university. At the end of the internship, interns will be able to include the experience on any college application or resume and use staff as references and for letters of recommendation.



These are the available opportunities:

  • Content Creators and Graphic Design Interns

  • Field Organizers

  • Editor/ Videographer/Photography Interns

  • Compliance and Finance Interns

  • Fundraising Interns

  • Campaign/ Community Outreach Interns

Intern time commitments may vary and are flexible and are available for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and potentially through the summer and Fall semester of 2021. However, we request a minimum of 15 hours a week. Access to a car is preferable, but not required.

There are many benefits to interning in our exciting race, including developing fine-tuned public relations skills and hands-on political experience. We are committed to teaching our interns basic skills in campaign organizing. This is a great experience to include on your resume and an opportunity to build connections to help you in the future! Click the link to get started!