Judge and Gavel

An Outlook on Our Criminal Justice System

Our criminal justice system has only worked for the wealthy and has targeted the poor, working-class, Black, Latino and indigenous population. The current standings of cash bail and mandatory minimums and aided mass incarceration and the oppressive machine of the industrial prison complex. Although as a Councilmember I cannot end these atrocities, I pledge to work with corresponding offices and departments to completely abolish the oppressive policies and create a more restorative system that focuses on rehabilitation, not punishment. 

Wellness and Equity for the Formerly Incarcerated 

 Inspired by Rayshard Brooks- this is a commitment to partner with non-profit and profit organizations that provide mentorship services to formerly incarcerated people and individuals who are on probation. To allow flexibility, registration for the involvement of such guidance and team development will vary between both profit and nonprofit organizations. 

  • Support the implementation of mental health counselors for incarcerated people across the city through city government contracts or partnerships

  • Support ease of access to educational and employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated all across the city


Regulate the Legalization of Marijuana 

The “war on drugs” has a direct link to mass incarceration in which the Black and Latinx community has been targeted and have had to deal with the consequences of the lack of transition opportunities and stereotypes given to the formerly incarcerated. Although minor changes have been done in the City of New York, there are still many more institutional issues that need to be resolved. Communities most impacted by these oppressive policies should receive the most benefits from legalizing marijuana. We will work towards making sure such legalization is properly regulated and meets the public health guidelines. 

  • I fully support the creation of grants and loans for the ones directly affected by such policies to start their dispensaries, which will contribute to our economy, create more jobs, and ensure a controlled and safe product. 

  • The revenue collected from the marijuana tax would be reinvested into the communities that have been impacted by the criminalization of marijuana 

  • Opioid addiction has proven to be far more dangerous and prevalent than marijuana, which can be a better alternative to opioids and help build up the community towards regulated and safe practices.  

No New Jails or Prisons

Our focus should be making sure our schools, hospitals, senior centers, veterans, homeless, immigrant populations are well taken care of and able to contribute to the function of our society NOT throwing them in jails and prisons because they did not receive the proper services they needed. We must reimagine a world that isn’t focused on the criminalization of BIPOC. (“Black, Indingeous People of Color”)