District 32 Agenda: 

The People's Agenda


Community Equity

The power of community is what drives NYC to be the city of dreams and a place where everyone wants to be. However what happens when New Yorkers are not able to live here any longer. With the hardship of a pandemic and racial injustice now more than ever we need to come together and call for reform to the system leaving New Yorkers behind. 


  • Severino for City Council will call for a COVID 19 Utility bill relief for Small business. The small business itself as of  2018 Small Business accounted for 99.8% of business and 50.2% of employment, with 708,962 of the 2.1 million owned by minority groups. 

  • Severino for City Council will create legislation to the development of Free Wifi in parks and playgrounds around the district to aid with emergency notification and assist the economic hardships for many working families forced to work from home and children attend classes at home. 

  • Severino for City Council will demand the placement of more garbage and recycling canisters across the district from Woodhaven to Richmond Hill down to the Rockaways. On top of this greater regular sanitation pick-up will be mandated in order to ensure our neighborhoods are clean. 

  • Severino for City Council will push for funds to be moved towards the development of more equitable youth centers that prioritize cultural or LGBTQIA+ support. This will also include the creation of in-district bridge grants for proper COVID safe Department of Health and Mental Hygiene approved child care centers to aid working families not able to stay at home with their children during this new school year. 

  • Severino for City Council will support the reallocation of funds from the budget towards both DOE schools and DYCD to build after school activities sponsored by both the community and the schools to provide wrap-around support for communities and families not able to offer additional help due to work hours economic hardship. 

  • Severino for City Council will fight to amend the charter of New York City to have DOE public schools decrease the number of students per class and support large school communities, education campuses do not work. 

  • Severino for City Council will advocate for in-district companies to win city contracts and promote union jobs within our district for the building or development of new projects. 

  • Severino for City Council will use discretionary funds to support community fridges networks within the district. Poverty should not be a crime or a reason to choose between what bills to pay in order to eat or feed your children. Now is the time for the community to come together to support those in need. 

  • Severino for the City Council will sponsor the creation of more green spaces and or public gardens to help educate the community about healthy food options and again curb the causes of increased respiratory and obesity in this city. 

  • Severino for City Council will call for the creation of a task force made up of community boards, community civic boards, and small businesses to address our District needs. 

  • Severino for City Council will call for more vegetarian, kosher, and halal options in school lunches to address the cultural and health needs of our children. 

  • Support for a Sikh center to be established within the district to assist with addressing community issues while aiding with community comradery with the NYPD to address the spike in hate crimes.